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What is a Macro?

This might be the most important part of FWTFL. It's a different way to think about tracking the food we consume each day. It is NOT calorie counting.

Macronutrients = Macro

Macros are the combination of protein, carbs and fats and how they work in your body -> this is where you will be getting the energy content (calories) of your diet. Most of the actual weight of the food you consume comes from your “macros” and these nutrients are usually measured in grams.

Using Macros as a daily guide

  • Each time you eat you should at least include protein & fiber (other than the odd apple here or there).

  • At meals, your plate should be: ½ fibrous veggies, ¼ protein, ¼ starchy carbs & oils & fats.

  • I like to have a picture in my mind of how many of each macro I have consumed each day. The percentages tell me how much each macro took up of my total calories. Keep in mind, I could hit the percentages (example; 50% cabrs, 30% fat, 20% protein) but still be under in grams. Lots more details on how to manage and track this if you sign up for a session with me!

Example Macro Day Foods

  • Fibrous Vegetables: 2 to 4 handfuls

  • Clean Protein: 1 palm-size portion

  • Starchy Carbs & Fruits: 1 handful

  • Fats: ½ shot glass (1½ Tbsp) for oils & butter- for nuts & seeds 1 thumb-size serving

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