The Bozone - aka Bozeman Brewing Co

When we moved to Bozeman the Bozeman Brewing Co (know to locals as the Bozone) was the only craft brewery in town. This means we might have been there a lot... especially since we were carefree and kidless. Remember those days...drinking beer without kids crawling on you, talking about the kids or feeling guilty for leaving the kids with a sitter? Well, times have changed (for the better with kids!) and the Bozone has not changed much ... it is still just as good!

I definitely have an affinity for this spot since we have spent so much time here. This tasting room has all the right things for a casual, small town, neighborhood feel.

Ultimately, this place really does come down to the beer though. Over the years Bozone has continually put out consistent and delicious beer while bringing new beers to the table each season, which is always fun and what I personally enjoy! This time of year you will find the handles filled with deliciousness like the Blackmore Lager, the Terrior Fresh Hop (local hops!), Hopsemelia Imperial IPA and more. YUM.

The Terrior Local Fresh Hop is why we went recently! We can only get this beer ONCE a year. This beer is brewed only in the fall with 100% locally grown hops from Bozemanites. How cool is that?! Each year Bozeman residents come together with the hops they have (from home brewing or decorative reasons) and they use these hops in the beer. Each year the flavor and aroma changes based on the hops collected and used. Each year this beer is as unique and awesome!

The Blackmore Lager is a German Schwarzbier (picture above on the right) and it is truly delicious. Don't let its dark color fool you. This light to medium bodied beer has a nice balance of malt and hops.

The Hopsemilia Imperial IPA is the iconic Hopzone IPA on steroids. I really do like this beer though and it's one that we have currently on tap at our house (come on over for a pint)! I enjoy the hop combination of Eureka, Mosaic, Calypso and the slightly sweet smell to this beer. It doesn't ruin your tastebuds like other Imperial IPAs but watch out, it will get you in the end ;)

Blackmore Lager

SPECIFICATIONS: ABV 5.1% IBU 25 Starting Gravity 12° Plato Finishing Gravity 2.7° Plato

Terroir Local Fresh Hop Ale

SPECIFICATONS: ABV 6.6%  IBU ?  Starting Gravity 14.7° Plato  Finishing Gravity 2.7° Plato

Hopsimilla Imperial IPA

SPECIFICATONS: ABV 8.6% IBU 100+ Starting Gravity 19° Plato Finishing Gravity 3.4° Plato

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