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Show Up

Shouldn't it be this simple? Just show up. Really. If you show up for your workout mentally and (or) physically you should give yourself a HUGE pat on the back and be proud of yourself. Yet for some reason, we focus on all things we cannot do, the workouts we didn't do or we come up with reasons to just not show up at all.

There are some days I go to the gym and it's hard, and I mean HARD. I am not mentally focused or my body doesn't quite feel physically up for it. I don't let this stop me though because...I showed up! I am there and I am going to love on my body and respect my body. I am not going to let myself be intimidated by the physique, knowledge or speed of some people there.


I showed up and I am going to be proud of that.

Now I want to ask YOU to do that also! Show up. Show up at the gym or at home and start loving on your body through your workouts!

If you are unsure of how to workout, what muscles to target or how much cardio you should do, please reach out. I will have a 6 week session FASTer Way to Fat Loss® starting right after Christmas! This program gives you a workout for every single day. It's so easy to follow and offers workouts for beginners, at home and at the gym. This program will teach you the importance of positivity and loving on your body! It will change your life! It has for me.

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