Say g'day to this IPA!

On our most recent work trip to Seattle our travel plans got messed up and we ended up driving instead of flying. True to myself, my initial reaction was harsh and quick to judge (something I am working on!) because of the extra time it would take to get there. THEN I realized if we drove we could stop at all the wonderful local bottle shops and stock up on amazing beer that we don't have access to in Bozeman - #winning!

When we go into bottle shops one thing we do is look for breweries that we have visited or places that we have an affinity for. It makes bringing beer back to Bozeman more special. This beauty comes the brewery, pFriem from the vibrant small town dubbed the "wind surfing capital of the world" - Hood River, OR. If you have not been here, please put it on your to visit destination list!

pFriem's Down Under IPA is such a fun IPA! First, it is a clean IPA. Thank the good lord. I am so tired of all the cloudy IPAs right now. Just give me a clean, crisp, hoppy IPA. Oh wait, that is exactly what this is...with a little sweet!

The smell is delightful with florals and citrus and maybe even a touch of spice. It has a fruity smell of orange and strawberry...and when I say orange & strawberry I mean in a fresh, whole way...not in a mass produced strawberry 'flavor' shandy kind of way.

I loved this beer because immediately my husband and I found it to be unlike the typical Northwest IPAs. Instead of hops of like Cascade and Amarillo that we are so used to this beer uses unique and delicious hops like Taiheke, Motueka & Vic Secre. I will definitely enjoy our other bottles of this.

Kudos to pFriem. We need more beers like this in Montana!


ABV 7.2%

IBU 65

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