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Intimidated by the Gym?

Let’s talk about the reasons we don’t go to the gym…is it simply lack of desire or the thought that we don’t have time? Or is it because of the element of intimidation?

Maybe you feel uncomfortable lifting weights because of the ‘meathead’ guy throwing massive weights around growling as he puts them down. Sometimes it's the group of stay at home moms who have more energy than professional endurance athletes buzzing around the gym or perhaps you don't want to get on the treadmill because of the 20 year old cardio queen that intimidates you. In lieu of just never going to the gym again, you can feel confident that the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® (FWTFL) will equip you well and quiet those insecurities!

I have liberated myself from being intimidated at the gym solely through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program! The FWTFL gives you a detailed workout each day for the full 6 weeks. Your workouts are detailed out in an easy to read, easy to follow format. It guides me on what days I should be doing cardio (a LOT less than you think!), what days I should engage in HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training) workouts and what days I should be lifting weights. These workout days are paired up with specific nutrition & diet recommendations using a rhythm of intermittent fasting and macro tracking.

As part of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program >>> on weight lifting days, each exercise has a video link attached to it. So, if you are unsure of what the move means or how to do it, you simply click on the link and it will take you to a tutorial video for that specific exercise. This is so liberating!! Now I don’t feel silly not knowing what each move is called, how to do it or what machine to use. I just pull out my phone and follow the FWTFL workout for the day! I feel confident and informed. I put my headphones on and laugh at that meathead (internally) and dominate my workouts. You can too!

Whether you are just beginning an exercise routine or you have been working out for years, the exercise guide included as part of my FWTFL program will fit your comfort level. You can choose workouts that range from beginner to advanced, doing them at home or at the gym.

I hope this helps you to understand a little bit about why I love the FWTFL program and

why I am no longer intimidated by the gym!!

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