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Coconut Porter vs. Imperial Coconut Porter at Maui Brewing Co.

Imperial Coconut Porter at the Kihei Brewery

Think fresh coconut. Real, fresh coconut. Not coconut extract or coconut 'flavoring'. Real, fresh, toasted coconut goes into every batch of both the Imperial Coconut Porter and the Coconut Porter at Maui Brewing Co. These two beers are outstanding!

Let's start with the regular Coconut Porter. You can get this beer on the West Coast since they can at their Kihei, Maui location. Hooray for canning capabilities!! This is a great Porter that is slightly dry and slightly sweet. It pours and drinks like a true porter with hints of coconut, malty chocolate and a small amount of coffee. The coconut is not the main star in this beer but compliments it just enough. I would suggest starting with this porter and then moving on to the Imperial. (pics below are at the source - on tap and in cans ON Maui!)

Coconut Porter


The Imperial Coconut Porter is only available at their two Maui locations (more locations in Hawaii to come next year). This porter has even more notes of coconut and coffee but the coconut really shines in this beer! This beer finishes with chocolate flavors and packs a decent amount of coffee notes right at the end (unlike the regular coconut porter). It's light hops, a bit of malt and touch of caramel give this beer all it needs to be perfection. As an added bonus, it is light for an Imperial ... which makes it very drinkable. A true speciality when it comes right from the source!

Imperial Coconut Porter


If you are in Maui please stop by there. They have 30+ beers on tap at their Kihei location and obviously I would suggest trying the Porters!

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