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    One week trial *FREE*
    Valid for one week
    • One week of Lunch & Dinner meal plans with recipes
    • Includes how to instructions, tips and strategy.
    • Meal planning for the week with kids.
    • Gluten-free and other options available.
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    Every month
    Monthly Dinner Strategy w/ recipes
    • Week-by-week meal plans with specific recipes and photos.
    • Weekly plan is emailed to you each Friday
    • Gluten-free modifications included
    • Simplify your week with dinners planned out for you!
    • You'll need a user/pass for this site to purchase.
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    Every month
    Lunch & Dinner monthly strategy with recipes.
    • Lunch & dinner strategy week-by-week with recipes and photos
    • No need to worry about your meals each day.
    • Lunch, dinner (and, snacks) plan in your in-box each Friday
    • Recipes, photos and cooking tips included.

The meal plans offered through Macros and Micros are simply that, plans. You should always review your nutrition and exercise routines with your doctor.